“Thanks for your quick response with regard to this inspection. I forwarded a copy of this email with it’s attachments to Greg. On another note, it was a pleasure to meet and talk to Jonathan. Mike and I were very impressed with his knowledge and commitment to the job. We had a lot of questions about the well and septic (not having a lot of experience with either). Jonathan took his time, explained everything to us and was just a nice guy. My compliments to you for an outstanding employee.”
Linda and Mike
“Thank you so much to you all! It was a pleasure working with you and I am so glad for all that you were able to teach me! I was able to report back to my husband and father with knowledgeable reports. They were very impressed! You went above and beyond an “inspection” and I will recommend you to anyone going through the home-buying process in the future. If you guys are listed on any websites that allow customer reviews, let me know and I will gladly fill them out. Thank you!”
“Tracy and I wanted to take a moment and say “Thank You” for being a sponsor of the wonderful family event at Elm Beach this weekend. When they listed the sponsors and Precise Home Inspections was mentioned, we were so thankful that we had you and your company complete the inspections. Not only are you thorough and willing to address issues after the inspection, you are involved in the community. It is great to be associated with such a great company as Precise Home Inspections, and to be a member of the Hemlock Farms Community.”
Michael and Tracy Miller
“We were extremely happy with the Inspection services that you provided while purchasing our second home. We felt the inspectors were very knowledgeable and thorough and the Inspection Report was sent to us very quickly. The information provided helped us make some informative decisions while going through the home buying process. In addition to the inspection, we also really appreciated the advice you were able to give us regarding the community and surrounding area. We would highly recommend your services to anyone.”
“We were very impressed with the thorough and professional home inspection that you performed for us. Not only did we learn a lot about the home’s current condition, but we also learned ways to improve it’s comfort, safety and affordability. Thanks for your help as we embark on this new home ownership adventure! We would definitely recommend your services to other prospective home buyers.”
“The pleasure is ours and thank you so much for everything and for your thoroughness. We are so glad we picked you both! We don’t have any questions just yet but if any pop up we will definitely contact you. Thanks again!”
“We are completely satisfied with the inspection and report that you provided. It was thorough and informative. Thank you.”
“The home inspection done in March at the home in Indian Mt. Lake was well received with regard to a very professional and thorough inspection. The report and pictures were very informative. We plan to proceed now in following up with many of your recommendations. Thank you again for your efficiency. In fact, I just got off the phone with Joel with regard to the high radon testing. He answered my questions and is sending me out info on radon. We will follow up with his suggestion of a mitigation system insulation.”
“I just wanted to thank you for your thorough inspection of Twin Lakes Road and for looking at the foundation of our home on Deer Run Road. Your comments and suggestions were extremely helpful. Jonathan was also very thorough and professional.”
“It was a pleasure meeting you also. We were amazed at your knowledge. Thank you to yourself and Jack for your hard work and honesty. Obviously this did not work out but I hope to get to use your services again in the future.”

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